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An online language teaching job in the fast-paced world of online teaching with Preply. Sounds fascinating right? As an online language tutor for Preply, you will be teaching languages to others from all over the world. Preply is actively looking for language tutors, such as English tutors, Spanish tutors, German tutors, French tutors, Italian tutors, Russian tutors, Arabic tutors, Japanese tutors, and Chinese tutors.

Job description / Preply 

First of all, application for tutoring in Preply is totally free! The Preply tutor is responsible for teaching languages online, including developing lesson plans, lectures, interactive activities, and assessment tasks. The Preply tutor will also be responsible for providing timely feedback to students on their assignments. Generally responsible for teaching and practicing students in a foreign language. Tutors will also be responsible for keeping records of student progress. But don’t worry! Your onboarding will be super smooth. Preply will train you with webinars during your onboarding before starting actual language tutoring.

Secondly, you have to provide basic information about your personality; of course, you must attach your headshot photo. In addition to that, Preply will ask you to describe your tutoring skills. A short and straightforward video also works, a maximum of 2 minutes long. Lastly, you have to choose your availability. Tutor profile approval takes approximately five (5) business days. That’s all!

Preply requests that all information requested from you when registering as a teacher on the platform be submitted completely and accurately. Inaccurate, incomplete, and false statements may delay your approval. It may even result in rejection. Therefore, please be careful and honest while you’re providing information.

Responsibilities / Preply 

How to become a Preply language tutor, and what are the responsibilities?

  • Register as a tutor on the platform and complete your onboarding
  • Demonstrate mastery of the target language with the ability to convey meaning and context with ease
  • Teach students who are at different levels of proficiency, from beginning to advanced levels
  • Instruct students on grammar and syntax rules, as well as cultural norms and customs
  • Provide feedback on student progress and improvement
  • Maintain an engaging, stimulating learning environment through various activities and techniques

Requirements / Preply 

  • Strong tech; desktop computer, high-speed stable internet connection, functioning webcam and microphone
  • Native fluency in the target language, both written and spoken
  • Excellent command of English or any other language as well as interpersonal tutor skills
  • Ability to give personalized learning experience to international students
  • Receiving payments only through the Neighbor platform.

Most importantly, you should definitely read and accept Preply’s T&C before registering as a tutor.

Wages & Salary / Preply 

The great thing about working as a tutor at Preply is that you can earn money and make a living. According to info shared by Preply on its official page, popular tutors on the platform can earn up to $550 per week. Your income will vary according to the hourly rate of the course you will give. In addition to your hourly rate, the number of lessons and the number of students who continue learning will affect your income. You can get your income with Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, or Transferwise. On the other hand, Preply will get a commission from your income. Please take a look at Preply’s commission model and learn more about it.

Working Hours / Preply Tutor (Teacher)

In a nutshell, being a tutor on Preply will give you immense flexibility. You will be teaching whenever or wherever you want. While you are teaching, a friendly Preply support team and tutors like you on the platform will be there to help and assist you.

Disclosure: “When you click on a link to Preply on this site and sign up to become a tutor, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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January 1, 2022